Léon Tran-Van

I'm a frontend engineer with a designer soul curbed by color blindness.

Since my childhood, I have always had a passion for everything that has to do with design and art and it kept growing over the years. Thus on a daily basis im inspired by great branded companies such as Nike, Apple or Bulk.

I'm always pushing boundaries in everything i do in life in order to get the best results, whether it's gaming, work or even gym.


It's been 2 years that im coding in Vue at work but each of my side projects are made with React.
I also experienced the 2 main React frameworks: Next and Gatsby. Both projects are available on my Github profile.

I've always used SCSS in order to style my applications but i recently started to use Tailwind. It is way more consistent and maintainable than standard CSS.
During the development phase, everything is cleaned up using ESLint and Prettier. At the end, I tend to ship projects with Vercel as it takes care of everything.


Here are some technologies I had to use among my numerous projects:
Styled components, Webpack, Gulp, Jquery, Pinia, Magento 2, Sitecore, Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, Azure DevOps